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Commercial landscaping standards

Getting to know the commercial landscaping standards can be quite a tough job, especially if you are new to the idea itself. While many commercial establishments prefer to keep their exteriors bare and simple, there are a lot of them who are involved in creating that perfect design to make the workplace exciting. NERT is here to solve all your queries and design solutions to make your outdoors wonderful.

Every commercial establishment falls under the gamut of the business and commercial design zone standards. Each owner has to adhere to the written guidelines as described by the public department to ensure safety and security of all the people in the vicinity and at large. NERT keeps in line with the commercial landscaping standards laid down by the department to ensure that organization itself does not get affected in anyway. All our work is carried out only after properly levels of approval by the commercial department. From laying down parking lots to building retaining walls and fences, we ensure that all the approvals are received well in advance. Even the landscape design is structured in such a way that it does not obstruct any building, neighborhood or the residents therein.

With such detailed understanding of the surroundings and keeping the legal significance in mind, NERT provides you with the best designs at cost-effective rates.

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